Wedding Day Disaster? Insurance Offers Peace of Mind

It won’t be as fun as sampling cake, but it’s critical

For Allison and Shawn, the big day is approaching fast. They’re spending a lot of money to make their matrimony memorable.

They expect everything to go just right, but weddings are not always perfect.

"You never know what happens, unfortunately," said Patty Speirs, who has planned weddings for 20 years. "Everything from planning every last detail, hence, the name of the business, to playing psychologist sometimes, and talking down brides."

She knows from experience that some problems just can’t be avoided. Like, say, a heat wave. That’s why she recommends the one thing we didn’t see a booth for at the expo: wedding insurance.

"I’ve had success with having my couples do that just in case," she said.

Wedsafe.com, a company that sells wedding insurance, says an event policy might cover the following:

• Postponement or cancellation when events are out of your control, like a medical emergency, severe weather, or military deployment.
• Some policies might even cover you if the bride or groom gets cold feet — or if either loses their job, and can no longer afford to pay for the reception.
• Insurance can also help you recover money when you pay a vendor who doesn’t deliver.

How much does wedding insurance cost? Wedsafe says its policies start at $75 and average around $250.

But if your Texas wedding budget is over $50,000, you could be looking at a premium of $300 to $800.

As with all insurance, it’s vital to know what is not covered, so you can decide if the cost is worth it, for you.

• Disputes over the taste of food probably won’t be paid.
• Canceling due to a pre-existing medical condition, is unlikely to be covered.
• If the bride or groom get arrested and you have to cancel, that’s not covered, either.
• Stolen gifts might be covered. But if you left them in an unattended vehicle, you can probably forget an insurance payment.

These restrictions vary, so you’ll want to read your wedding insurance policy. It won’t be as fun as sampling cake, but it’s critical.

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