Weatherford Teen Killed During Spring Break Hunting Trip

The family and friends of a Weatherford student killed in a hunting accident hope to keep his memory alive.

Brennan Weikel, 17, died while hunting with family in Wise County, Monday morning.

According to Game Warden Penny Nixon, the teen was hunting with his stepfather when he accidentally discharged a gun, shooting himself.

"I know everybody says, 'Oh, my kid's perfect.' He really was. He was a good kid," said stepfather, James Chambers.

Chambers and Weikel had been hunting overnight, as the senior from Weatherford High School was on Spring Break.

Around 4 a.m., Chambers believed he had shot something and texted Weikel to join him.

A few seconds later, he heard a single shot and Weikel’s texts stopped. 

Chambers then found him with a wound to the head.

"It's hard. He was everything to this family," said Weikel’s mother, Angela Chambers.

The oldest of four boys, Weikel was preparing to head off to college in the fall. 

As a member of Weatherford’s football team, he was hoping to walk on to the team at Texas A&M, Corpus Christi.

"He loved the game," said James Chambers. "Up every morning, 4:30 practice."

It's at those practices that Weikel connected with many of the people who are trying to honor him now.

After his teammates learned about the accident, they came together to ask their coaches if they could retire Weikel’s jersey number.

"It was his number. He represented it with everything he had," said Weikel’s best friend, Chace Ellison.

Weikel transferred to Weatherford in his junior year. In that short time, his friends said he made an impact on and off the field.

"He was always that one person that was always positive with every single person in this community, this town," said teammate, Ali Chehade. 

While his friends plan a tribute, Weikel’s family has been planning to say goodbye.  

A service is scheduled for Saturday at New River Fellowship Church.

"He was always the light, smiling, happy one," said Weikel's mom. "It's hard."

NBC 5's Caroline Connolly contributed to this report.

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