Weatherford Schools Stay Closed Due to ‘Hazardous’ Ice on Campus

Crews were busy clearing one campus early Wednesday morning

NBC 5 News

For the fourth straight school day, students in the Weatherford Independent School District will not go to class.

The district had planned on a late start for Wednesday, but after assessing access to several campus and roads officials decided to scrap class for the day.

The biggest issues were at Curtis Elementary School and Hall Middle School, where ice made getting into the school hazardous.

At 8 a.m. on Wednesday, about a dozen Weatherford ISD employees were busy chipping away on the thick ice on the steps leading up to the elementary school.

Derik Moore, communications officer for the district, said those schools have lots of students who walk to school from nearby homes. The streets were in good condition near Curtis, but some of the sidewalks were still covered in sheets of solid ice.

Tai Tipton, who's son Cannon goes to Curtis, didn't mind the decision by the district.

"It is what it is. It's fine. I'm OK with it," Tipton said. "I love having my kid home, that's all right. I love being at home with him, he's funny. So, keeps me busy, he's a good kid."

Tipton did say she was surprised school was canceled for the day, but said there are still slick spots on neighborhood streets.

Sixth grader Kaylee Ratliff said it's much better on the square, in the heart of Weatherford, then what it was a few days ago. With class canceled she went to work with her dad who runs a local cafe.

"My dad woke me up at 6:30 a.m., said, 'School’s canceled, want to come to work with me?'" Ratliff said. "I said, 'Yeah.'"

Ratliff's campus, Juan Seguin Elementary, has also seen plenty of ice in recent days and it is located in a hilly area where it's easy to sleep. She, as you might expect, doesn't have a problem with missing school again.

"I love it, I’m actually happy, but I kind of what to go back to see all my friends. I really miss them," she said. 

Moore said the district has two built in snow days at the end of the school year that will be put to use. As for the other two missed days, Moore said the district will likely seek a waiver from the Texas Education Agency. The district hopes to be back open on Thursday.

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