Weatherford ISD's Fall Festival Canceled Over Weather

District says event is too big to reschedule

The chilly weather is putting the Weatherford school district's annual Fall Festival on ice.

About 650 athletes from 11 school districts and their families were expected at Kangaroo Stadium for the event, along with about 2,500 volunteers and students.

Patti Young, the district's executive director of special programs, said she got up early on Friday to check weather reports. Expected wind chills in the low 40s were about 10 degrees below what's acceptable for an outdoor school event, prompting the cancellation, she said.

"I had to make a tough decision, a joint decision from the district in the best interest of our students," she said. "It was disappointing but necessary, because we have to think about our children's safety and their welfare."

Teresa Cocke, whose son Robby was one of the athletes, said they were disappointed by the cancellation.

"We got up early this morning, looking forward to it," she said. "Got our phone call, saying it was canceled. I had to break the news to Robby. He was sad."

Young said this event is always scheduled for mid- to late October. In her 18 years with the district, the Fall Festival has never been canceled for weather reasons, she said.

The Fall Festival, which takes a year to plan, is too big to try to reschedule so all the district can do is start planning for next year and hope the weather is warmer, Young said.

Meanwhile, the windy conditions also forced the cancellation of a pre-game spectacle at an Irving school district homecoming game. Students and the superintendent were scheduled to fly over the field in light sport aircraft.

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