Icy Weather Strands Thousands at DFW Airport

Some flights still delayed, but airport is fully operational.

The airports are returning to their regular routines Wednesday night, but that wasn't the case immediately after the storm.

Love Field closed one runway to de-ice Wednesday morning and DFW Airport operated on a limited flight schedule. More than 300 flights were canceled on Tuesday and Thursday.

It was a long layover for DFW passengers who were supposed to just be passing through.

"We were supposed to connect to San Francisco. We've been here for over 24 hours I'd say," said Cesar Morales, stranded passenger.

He and Amanda Schwabe were among the 1,500 passengers stranded inside the airport after their flights were canceled due to weather.

"First, we went to the bar; had a couple of beers. They ran out of cots, so we had to sleep on the floor," said Schwabe.

A lucky few found hotels but said getting there was no easy task because of the weather.

Some relied on friends and family to come to their rescue.

"I have a sister who lives nearby, and she came out with the ice on the roads going about 10 miles an hour," said Arthur Jones, passenger.

With nearly all airlines running reduced schedules, passengers said it's more difficult to get a flight now if yours is canceled. 

"I was maybe 15th out of 100 in the line and they were going maybe one person per 5 minutes at the little ticketing gate," said Jones.

For passengers it was a frustrating experience, but they say they know no one is to blame but Mother Nature.

"I'd rather get there in one piece, than not get there at all," said Schwabe.

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