Weather Damages Marina Boat Dock

Several large boats floated into the lake

Boats Lined Up
Brooke Niemeyer

A boat dock broke loose at Lake Country Marina on Eagle Mountain Lake Sunday night.

The severe weather caused the dock, carrying several large boats, to float into the lake.

The dock was blown 200-300 yards into the water, crushing boats inside. High winds tore sheets of metal off the roof, blowing it into the water. 

Some of the boats cost into the $1 million range, according to Capt. Dennis Creech.

Creech was on the water when the storm rolled in. He said his boat was picked up several feet by the high winds.

Cleanup crews were out on the dock Monday morning assessing the damage. Some boats will be able to be driven out on their own power, others will have to the cut out, but others, that were severely damaged may have to be removed in another way, Creech said.

All power was out to the marina, and would be for most of Monday, ONCOR crews said.

There were no injuries reported.

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