Waxahachie Boutique Sells Clothes and Confidence

The Confidence Shoppe opened its brick-and-mortar store last year in downtown Waxahachie to serve women of all sizes

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The Confidence Shoppe opened its brick-and-mortar store in downtown Waxahachie last year with a mission.

"What we sell is confidence," Confidence Shoppe Founder Trudy Hankins said.

The store carries a wide range of sizes from small to 3X; unusual for a boutique.

"When I would go shopping with my daughters, we weren't the same size," Hankins said. "We went to their stores, then we went to my stores, and I hated that."

"It's really hard to say nothing in this store fits me," Hankins' daughter and Confidence Shoppe CEO Camry Hankins said, explaining why she and her mother wanted a store where everyone could find something. "They're like, 'oh, you have plus size? Oh, this is a 3X? Oh, you have two XLs? Wow!' I feel like that should not be such a surprise."

The mother/daughter business duo wants their customers to change the conversation they have with themselves in their heads.

"No negative self-talk here," Trudy Hankins said. "And I think it's really important to connect to the human side of customers. They're not just dollar signs," Camry said.

Their goal is to help women of all sizes look and feel good.

"This fits, I look good in it, I'm confident," Trudy Hankins said.

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