Water Woes Continue in Benbrook Neighborhood As Residents Wake to Brown Water from the Tap

Mailboxes in Mustang Creek Estates are starting to look like message boards. Signs were posted for Stage 3 water restrictions as the neighborhood deals with a lack of clean water. 

By Friday afternoon, investigators with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality were in the neighborhood doing tests of the water.

"So we're responding to some complaints that we received," said Merissa Green with TCEQ. "So we're investigating the issue." 

For six weeks, residents were under a boil order after they first had no water, and then had odorous and cloudy water. Friday's brown water had some residents sending photos to NBC 5.

"I have no problem with people being upset, because everyone has the right to be upset," said Thomas Taber, who described himself as a caretaker for the utility, Shelcon. When asked if he would be upset, Taber responded, "Yes. That's what I said. They can yell at me, they can get upset." 

Residents seemed surprised to see anyone from the utility in the neighborhood.

"I feel bad for them," Taber said. "I'm just trying to help them." 

Taber opened valves on different hydrants in the neighborhood so the TCEQ could take samples. One ran very brown. About an hour an a half later the water was clear.

"It's a good thing we can do this to flush the system," Taber explained. "A bad thing for the customers that they have to see some more dirty water." 

The utility is under investigation by the TCEQ. The owner was notified on July 14, and has 60 days to get things in order.

"I'm trying to get this going," said Taber. "That's all I can say." 

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