Water is Gone, Flood Damaged Vehicles Remain at Love Field

Some travelers arriving at Dallas Love Field Airport Thursday needed to find a different way home after dozens of cars parked at the airport were flooded Wednesday when a drain backed up, filling the garage with water.

The lower level portion of parking garage A is still closed Thursday. According to officials with Dallas Love Field Airport, the travelers could see the barricades blocking the area for weeks.

"I couldn't believe what I saw," said Curtis Wall, who was in Fort Lauderdale for business when he found out about the parking garage flooding.

A family member told him that his truck may have been damaged. When he got to his truck he checked his oil, and then tried to start his engine. Water rushed out of his exhaust but fortunately he was able to drive the truck.

Others weren’t so lucky.

According to Chris Pilcic, with State Farm Insurance, if the driver has comprehensive coverage they should not have any problems.

"If they have anything less than that, they may run into problems," said Pilcic, who has already received several claims associated with the incident.

Crews spent the day pumping water out of the parking garage. The flooding is being blamed on a back-up in the storm drainage system. Crews are still checking to see if something is blocking the drain.

The Airport Communication Center has a list of affected vehicles. Drivers can email 214670love@dallascityhall.com or call 214-670-5683 for more information.

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