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Watch: Out-of-Control 18-Wheeler Plows Into Parked Cars, Narrowly Misses Barbershop

Video appears to show the truck plowing into street poles and cars parked along the street, just missing the barbershop

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An out-of-control 18-wheeler plowed into cars parked along a Grand Prairie street Thursday morning after its driver suffered a medical emergency, police say.

It happened at about 10 a.m. along Main Street at Northeast 2nd Street, police said. The driver had a medical emergency and blacked out before the truck veered off the road and into several parked cars.

The driver was taken to a hospital where he received treatment and later released. No other injuries were reported, police said.

Security camera footage recorded at the A&M Barber Studio showed the out-of-control tractor-trailer and the trail of damage it left. The truck appears to have just missed crashing through the front wall of the business.

"It felt like a movie. Really, it felt like a real-life movie. It just happened so quick," said Richard Cantu, who was working inside the barbershop at the time of the crash.

Cantu said when the store is empty he and his colleagues will often sit on the guardrail that was taken out by the truck.

According to police, five parked cars, two light poles, a fire hydrant, a planter, a tree and bike racks were damaged.

Grand Prairie's environmental and streets department crews assessed and cleaned the area before the road was reopened, firefighters said.

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