Watch Out for Fake Facebook Customer Service Help Lines

Some users say that a fraudulent phone number was the first thing they saw when googling the phrase "Facebook customer service".

As originally reported by NPR, the person on the end of that phone call has no connection to Facebook. They're just trying to make a quick buck.

If you call a so-called Facebook customer service number and someone does pick up, the fake agent will reportedly instruct you to pay them via iTunes gift cards.

That right there should warrant a big red flag with any phone call, so don't fall for it.

Legitimate companies ask for traceable forms of payment, rather than things like gift cards, Facebook doesn't even have a customer service help line.

In a statement, Facebook told NBC 5 Responds:

"People can visit Facebook.com/help to get help with their Facebook account...While these groups are persistent and work continuously to spread false information, we have taken down a large number of the sites offering fake support numbers and we will continue to do so."

And a Google spokesperson says their search results are based on algorithms and says:

"...These pages have violated webmaster guidelines. We have taken the appropriate action to remove."

Both companies did remove the phone number, by the way. But in case it resurfaces, again, don't engage.

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