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Watch: $13K Worth of Stolen Gas Pumped Into Trucks at Fort Worth Station

At least 3,000 gallons of diesel and unleaded were pumped out of manipulated pumps at a station near the Fort Worth, Keller municipal line

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Two people working in tandem stole more than 3,000 in fuel from a North Fort Worth gas station overnight Friday according to the station's owner.

Surveillance video at the H Express Chevron station, in the 5700 block of Golden Triangle Boulevard, near the Fort Worth-Keller line, shows a large, white box truck pull up to the pumps around 1:30 a.m. Friday.

Moments later, a smaller, white or gray pickup truck is shown pulling up to the other side of the same pump. The gas station owner believes the large truck is there to act as a “blocker” to obscure whatever the person from the pickup truck is doing to manipulate the pump.

The pair of thieves move to multiple pumps over the course of around one hour, pumping fuel into unseen tanks hidden in the back of the pickup truck.

Isaiah Herrera, of H Express, said that he discovered the missing fuel when he opened the convenience store Friday morning.

“What I'm thinking [as I watch the surveillance video] is, ‘What are the police going to do?’” said Herrera. “These people are just going to keep on going around until someone stops them. As long as they're not getting caught, they don't really care what's going on. They are just stopping, hitting and leaving.”

All told, more than 1,500 gallons of diesel and 1,500 gallons of unleaded fuel were pumped out overnight, which could have sold for more than $13,000.

Police have not yet commented about the crime.

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