Wastewater Treatment Plant ‘Situation Stinks' in Little Elm

Smell is only temporary, due to expansion at wastewater treatment plant

The Town of Little Elm is telling residents along Eldorado Parkway if they've noticed a stench in the air near the wastewater treatment plant, they're not imagining it.

"We are sorry to say that, yes, it is us," the town said in a Facebook post Tuesday.

The city decided to come clean saying they know "the situation stinks (literally)."

"No use in trying to hide from it, might as well tell people where it's coming from and take ownership," said Deputy Town Manager Doug Peach.

It seems the wastewater treatment plant is in the midst of a expansion project, and while pipes and air blowers are being replaced, normal odor control protocols have been disrupted.

"With the construction and the increased odor that we've had with this, yeah,  some of that's been blowing a little further north, in this case, and people who probably have never experienced it before have experienced it," said Peach.

The town hopes normal odor control operations resume shortly.

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