Missing Woman Left Shops at Legacy in Friend’s Trunk: Warrant

An arrest warrant released by the Plano Police Department said DNA evidence indicates a missing 23-year-old Plano woman last seen entering a parking garage at The Shops at Legacy left the garage in the trunk of a friend's car.

According to the affidavit, Enrique Gutierrez Arochi has claimed ever since her disappearance Aug. 30 that Christina Morris was never in his vehicle. In an arrest warrant Plano police said that is a lie and that DNA evidence found on Arochi's trunk and forensic evidence recovered from cellular data proves she was in his vehicle.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, Plano police believe "Arochi left the Shops at Legacy area and returned to his residence ... with Christina Morris in the trunk of his 2010 Chevrolet Camaro contrary to his statements that Morris was never in his vehicle" and that "he intentionally or knowingly abducted another person, Christina Marie Morris, with the intent to inflict bodily injury on her or violate or abuse her sexually."


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During a news conference Friday afternoon, Morris' mother, Jonni McElroy, said she was disgusted by what she read in the report and that she remained as committed as ever to finding her daughter.

"You know what's sad?  We knew all along that Enrique Arochi is responsible for our daughter missing. But when you read that your daughter was in the trunk of his car, it's unspeakable," McElroy said. "I am so torn up right now. I want answers and I think that he needs to give us those answers, that he's put us through enough. Enough is enough and we can only take so much."

Plano police said a swab from a Dr Pepper can found in Morris' car, along with DNA samples from her parents, were used to create a DNA profile for comparison against other samples.

Surveillance video from a Kroger gas station recorded Sept. 24, 2014 showed Arochi exit his 2010 Chevy Camaro, walk around the backside and inspect the trunk area before filling the vehicle with gas. He then, according to the document, inspected the passenger side door and wiped it down with an unknown material. Arochi then used the gas station's window scrubber to scrub the backside of the vehicle.

A search warrant executed on Sept. 26 and Arochi's car was swabbed in the trunk and interior of the car. On Dec. 9, investigators received a case report outlining the results of those swabs which indicated DNA found on the trunk opening was a perfect match for Morris' sample. The report went on to say the volume of DNA found in the sample indicated it was not likely left behind by a simple touch, but more likely left behind by a bodily fluid such as blood or saliva.

Investigators said cellular network data indicated both Arochi's and Morris' mobile phones pinged cellular towers near Arochi's Allen home at the same time and location on the tower, indicating the devices were in proximity to each other after Arochi said he left the parking garage alone.

On two occasions, police also said they pulled the trash from Arochi's home and found rags, towels and a large number of empty cleaning supply containers that appeared to have been purchased recently.

Police said in the affidavit that investigators noted several instances where Arochi "made numerous false statements and omitted pertinent information" during the investigation that was later refuted by forensic evidence.

Authorities arrested Arochi Saturday morning at his Allen home. He remains in the Collin County Jail on $1 million bond.

"I will not believe that she is not alive until I prove it otherwise," McElroy said.

Morris' whereabouts are unknown.

NBC 5's Todd L. Davis, Catherine Ross and Ben Russell contributed to this report.

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