Warm Weather Doesn’t Stop Panther Island Ice Guests

Despite not enough cold days people in Fort Worth can still enjoy outdoor ice skating

It’s warm in North Texas, but that’s not stopping people from enjoying winter activities.

During the month of December, people in Fort Worth have been able to enjoy outdoor ice skating in 70 degree weather,

That’s because at Panther Island Ice's outdoor skating rink no matter the weather is like, the ice is always cold.

The rink is equipped with a 200-ton chiller that runs cooling liquid through pipes housed directly under the ice.

These last couple of weeks the chiller has been working overtime to keep the ice from melting.

"You know 60 and below is usually what works, but we’ve been handling the ice okay,” said Shanna Cate, programming and developing manager. “We are hoping it will get a little cooler to make for a more authentic winter experience.”

The ice is a bit wet in certain places, but that hasn’t stopped them from enjoying a real-life winter experience.

Cate said the rink broke ticket sales record last weekend.

Panther Island is open seven days a week, even on holidays, through January 18.

ONLINE: pantherislandice.com

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