Want to Own Your Very Own Town? Mustang, Texas, Is for Sale

Mustang, about 55 miles south of Dallas in Navarro County, is up for sale. The price tag: $4 million for 76 acres

If you've ever wanted to own your own town, now's your chance. Mustang, Texas, about five miles south of Corsicana in Navarro County, is up for sale.

It's s a bit rugged and wild with a fitting name. There's not much sign of life in the sleepy town, other than the traffic that passes by it on Interstate 45.

At 76 acres, it's the smallest town in Texas. You'll find it in a rectangle chunk on the north side of Farm-to-Market Road 739, near Angus.

Mustang was incorporated back in 1973. It used to be an alcohol oasis, surrounded by parched land.

"Navarro was a dry county, and this municipality was wet. You could sell liquor here, and I was told there'd be a line of cars from Corsicana," said real estate broker Mike Turner.

Mustang's fortune changed with the liquor laws, and now only a handful of people remain.

But Turner sees that as opportunity.

"I only know of two privately owned towns in Texas," he said.

His client is asking $4 million. With that comes a state licensed waste-water treatment plant, a volunteer fire station, water from nearby Angus, and, as Turner puts it, endless possibilities.

"You could get a group of buddies together, buy the town, draw straws for who's gonna be mayor, who's on the city council, who's gonna be the police chief," he said.

An owner can even set off fireworks year-round.

"You have to abide by the laws of the state of Texas and that's pretty much it," Turner said.

It's a quiet town just waiting to make a comeback.

Turner said no reasonable offer will be turned down. If you have the money for it, Dallas-based J. Elmer Turner, Realtors Inc. is handling the sale.

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