Want The Best Mileage? Keep It Simple

Simple tips can maximize your MPG

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These days, filling up can leave you pretty empty.

Gas prices are pinching every pocketbook and drivers are looking for anything and everything they can do to boost those miles per gallon.

"Tire pressure is probably the simplest thing you can do," said Highland Park Goodyear manager David Dockery.

Dockery said maximizing gas mileage is easier than you think. Things like making sure your tires are filled to the right pressure, to taking off that roof rack to keep wind resistance down -- that alone will boost your mileage by 4 percent.

Your gas mileage has a lot more to do with you than it does necessarily your car. Better driving habits, like starting and stopping slower will actually help your gas mileage much more than doing a whole lot of work to your car.

Dockery said there's no need to get fancy when trying to get every mile out of your gasoline, either. 

He says try using cruise control and check that air filter.

"It helps the car breath better, especially coming out of winter and spring," Dockery said. "You get a lot of pollen in the air, a lot of the dust, dirt and sand from the road, it clogs up the air filters. It's going to take stress off your engine if you have the air filter changed."

While there's not much you can do about the price at the pump, maybe with a few changes you won't have to fill up quite as often.

Even still, finding cheaper fuel can help.  If you know where to find cheap gasoline -- leave the station info in the comments below.

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