W8, WUT? Teen Sends Nearly 34,000 Texts

Mom: "I'm thinking she needs to get a job"

A Rowlett teenager who sent nearly 34,000 text messages in about a month admits that she texts all the time.

Rebecca Strimpel, 16, guesses she sends "maybe 50 to 100 a day."

But her latest AT&T phone bill shows that for the last billing cycle, which lasted 33 days, she sent 33,989 text messages. That's roughly 1,027 text messages a day.  Strimpel isn't alone.  A teen in California recently clocked nearly 15,000 texts in one month.

The AT&T store on Lemmon and Oak Lawn avenues in Dallas verified the bill -- and the number of messages and added that they have seen bills with as many as 50,000 text messages in one month's time.

"It's insane," said her mother, Lisa Strimpel. "She just turned 16. I'm thinking she needs to get a job."

The teenager said she text messages at home, during lunch and even at school.

"It vibrates really loud during class, so I have to hold it up and off my purse, because I'm always in my purse texting so they don't see me," she said.

If the family didn't use AT&T's unlimited text-message plan, they'd be looking at just more $3,300 for text messages alone.

But while the messaging isn't hurting their wallets, it is starting to wear on their hands.

"I'll get a thumb cramp and have to move it around," Rebecca said.

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