Vote May Bring 7-Eleven Headquarters to Irving

An Irving City Council vote on Thursday could help determine whether 7-Eleven's headquarters will move from downtown Dallas to Irving.

According to the Dallas Morning News if the council approves more than $7 million in tax breaks then 7-Eleven will move to North Irving near the end of 2016.

The paper reports if the council votes for the move then the city will exempt 7-Eleven from various sales and property taxes. The amount of money would total to about $830,000.

DMN said many cities tried to lure 7-Eleven but Irving's City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce agreed on the best package of tax breaks.

"It’s aggressive on the part of the city,” interim City Manager Steve McCullough said of the package. “The opportunity to attract a corporate headquarters of a nationally recognized firm is always a great opportunity.”

The DMN said 7-Eleven headquarters have been in Downtown Dallas for years but wish to leave their Dallas tower and build its own headquarters. According to the DMN, 7-Eleven promises to occupy at least 800 workers at the new headquarters with an annual average salary of about $100,000.

Irving will earn $10 million from the deal, according to city officials.  

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