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Volunteers Work to Help Lake Grapevine Wedding Venue

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Paradise Cove at Lake Grapevine is a considered a North Texas gem. Hundreds of couples marry on the picturesque grounds each year, rain or shine.

The hope is that this weekend won't be the exception.

That's according to Tina Nealy, owner of Paradise Cove.

She and a team of volunteers spent more than 12 hours Thursday placing sandbags in hopes of keeping the road that leads to the venue from flooding.

"Keeping this road open is not just for us and to keep the weddings going, it's for the bigger purpose of the lake and Lake Grapevine," said Nealy.

Neighbors like Jean Bartley, who lent an old ambulance to power the water pumps, spent hours helping Nealy. She said even a city councilwoman stopped by to help.

"Everybody from Grapevine has been contacting me, asking how can we help," said Nealy. "It has made me feel love, like you have no idea."

Nealy has also helped others deal with the rising lake levels. She's allowing a non-profit that helps children with disabilities to dock its boat on her property while the group's current space remains underwater.

The interior of Paradise Cove and its deck are not flooded. Its backyard gazebo, however, is underwater.

"I designed all of that, so it's hard, you know, but at the same time, we'll pick up and we'll clean," said Nealy. "God has us covered, I fully believe that. God has kept us going and I believe he's going to continue, so it's hard to be sad."

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