Volunteers Build Ramp for Injured Veteran

A veteran has fewer worries after volunteers finished building a ramp for his home.

Robert "Bill" Steele injured his knee during military boot camp in the 1970s, according to the Denton Record Chronicle. He was discharged from the military because of his medical conditions and now he has two collapsed vertebrae.

About three years ago, Steele started using a wheelchair. Green Build Solutions wanted to make getting around easier for Steele. The group decided to build a ramp for him so he could get in and out of his mobile home more easily.

Volunteers and community members gathered more than $2,000 worth of donation materials for a ramp. The volunteers spent their Saturdays working on the ramp starting in November 2016 and finished the project in April. 

"It makes it easier to get around. I'd rather walk up and down to get to the ground level than to use the five steps," Steele said in an article from the Denton Record Chronicle. "[With] the five steps, I was afraid I might injure myself. And now I can just take the cover off of my wheelchair and ride it on down and mount it on my lift and take off."

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