Volunteer Group Is $10,000 Shy of Goal for First Responder Christmas Meals

The initiative to feed first responders on Christmas Day started in 2013

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With just 10 days until their fundraising deadlines, organizers behind Feed-a-Hero say they’re $10,000 shy of the money needed for this year’s meals.

The initiative to feed first responders on Christmas Day started in 2013.

Then, they provided six meals to a Denton fire station. Last year, they fed 6,000 around DFW.

The plan was to increase the goal this year, but COVID-19 has posed problems.

Founder Jim Searles said many of this year’s fundraisers, which started in January, haven’t been possible.

Because of that, they’re left to raise $1,000 a day over the next 10 days to make deliveries to departments all over Dallas-Fort Worth possible.

“These people are extremely happy to have something decent to eat on a day that they have volunteered to work rather than spend time with their families so that all of us have the opportunity and the safety and security to spend that day with our families,” long-time volunteer Robb Bertelsen said.

Though there's still a long way to go, Searles said Feed-a-Hero supporters have never let them down.

This year, in a year he knows it's tough for so many to give, he's reminding people that no donation is too small.

"If I get a thousand people to give $10, that's still $1,000. Every little bit counts," Searles said.

To donate, visit Feed-a-Hero’s website or Facebook page.

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