Dallas Leaders Prepare Visit to Detention Centers

Community advocates, faith and city leaders will gather in downtown Dallas on Thursday to call for the release of children seperated from their parents at the border.

The focus will surround efforts to protect immigrant children being held at border dention centers and speak out against the "zero-tolerance" policy that has led to the crisis.

Domingo Garcia, president of League of United Latin American Citizens, has organized three visits to detention centers where newborns to 17-year-olds are being held. He says a delegation of religious and community leaders will join him this weekend.

"We will go down there and speak to some of the children," said Garcia. "Me as a Christian, my faith says that I should care for my neighbor and help the refugee, and us as Americans (a country of immigrants) that we don't turn our backs to people fleeing violence. We should be able to help them and not have this zero-tolerance policy where we are taking children from parents. That is not America. That's not the America I want to see, and I hope fellow Americans will agree with me on that."

Along with the three visits to dentention centers, protests are also planned for this weekend. A national protest is scheduled to be held on July 4. 

The dowtown meeting is scheduled for noon Wednesday in front of the Bank of America Tower.

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