Vision 2020: Dallas Transit Hub

Transit Hub to link High Speed Rail with other Dallas Trains

A vacant city owned parking lot that used to serve Reunion Arena visitors is the site for a proposed Transit Hub that would link High Speed Rail with other Dallas ground transportation.

The City of Dallas is actively pursuing this plan with a consultant already working to review engineering requirements for the site known as Lot E.

Molly Carroll is the High Speed Rail Executive Project Manager for the City of Dallas.

"I don't think there's any question that High Speed Rail is going to happen and I think Dallas needs to be prepared. This is a great opportunity for us," she said. "The city already owns that property. It's part of the Convention Center Complex and that is a big advantage to this project."

The High Speed Rail Station is planned just south of I-30 from Lot E. Union Station where Amtrak, DART and Trinity Rail Express trains currently stop is north of Lot E.

The Transit Hub would bridge the two. Moving sidewalks or other pedestrian links could move people back and forth.

The city intends to invite developers to construct a mixed use complex on the site that would be much more than a train station. It could include movies, stores, restaurants, offices and apartments.

City Councilman Lee Kleinman, Chairman of the Council's Mobility Committee, said the High speed Rail Terminal will be more like an airport with a large volume of passenger traffic.

He said the Transit Hub will add another reason to visit the area.

"It will be a great destination. People will go there beyond just because there's high speed rail. People are going to want to go there because there's interesting stuff to see. There's entertainment going on there. There's a bunch of vibrancy, restaurants, shopping. It's going to be a great part of Dallas. And I'm really excited that it's there," Kleinman said.

Dallas officials said several other cities have opened or are developing similar transit hubs.

Passengers at Union Station Friday said the combination of High Speed Rail and the new Transit Hub development is intriguing.

DART rider Rachel Knowles said she has relatives in Houston.

"It would be super convenient for me to be able to hop a train and go visit family," she said.

DART passenger Courtney Koch wore a Bucee's T-shirt that she got at the store on the road between Dallas and Houston.

She said she would be fine with making the trip to Houston much faster on High Speed Rail without a stop along the way.

"Trains are not used very much in Texas. You have DART and TRE. But I think If you could expand that it would be more accessible for more people, definitely good," she said.

Passenger John Hollis, who uses DART to commute to his home in Allen, said high speed rail and a Transit HUB would be a boost for the Downtown Dallas area.

"A lot of this downtown area could be revitalized for sure, with the hub here," he said.

TRE passenger Kirk Risby said he would appreciate the amenities being discussed for a Transit Hub.

"I've got something to do while I'm waiting, if I get off the train, get on the train, if I'm waiting for a ride, I've got something to do," Risby said.

Texas Central intends to have High Speed Rail operating by 2024. The City of Dallas hopes to have a Transit Hub open by then.

Carroll said the initial consultant work is to be finished next month with next steps to come after that.

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