Virgin America May Leave DFW for Love Field

Virgin America announced plans Wednesday to expand their presence in Dallas by operating new flights from Dallas Love Field to New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.

To expand operations, Virgin would seek to secure two gates at Love Field and then move its current operations from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to Love in October 2014.

The move hinges on gates expected to be divested by American Airlines due to the merger with US Airways. Part of the merger deal with the Department of Justice required the merged airlines to give up gates at several domestic airports.

Virgin said their movement into Love Field would increase competition and offer lower fares for passengers.

"Dallas is a major economic center, and as such, it deserves more business-friendly flight competition from the airport closest to the Central Business District," said Virgin America President and CEO David Cush.  "The opportunity to expand our low-fare, upscale service in Dallas, allows us to not only spur fare competition for local consumers, but also provide business travelers with more choice and consistent flight options, so they can stay connected, comfortable and productive on these longer-haul flights."

But Virgin isn't the only ones looking to fill the possibly freed-up Love Field gates — Southwest Airlines announced a significant push to multiple markets once the Wright Amendment is lifted in October 2014.

The competition between Virgin and Southwest could be fierce indeed, with both airlines moving to fly plenty of daily, nonstop flights to large metropolitan airports.

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