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Violent Road Rage Incident in Splendora Caught on Camera

A driver is in custody after a violent road rage wreck that was caught on camera outside Houston Tuesday night. The incident left a motorcyclist injured.

A couple, driving down U.S. 59 near Splendora called police when the driver of a white Chevy Tahoe struck their car. The woman in the car called police and was reporting the license plate and relaying what happened while the man recorded the continued erratic driving.

The driver of the Tahoe could be seen pulling up to the car as the couple reported he was, "throwing stuff out the window." While talking to the 911 operator the Tahoe driver appeared to hit the front end of the couple's car.

"And he just hit my car," the woman and man yelled to the operator.

When the 911 operator asked for the license plate again, the couple sped up to read the plate again, as the Tahoe driver slammed on his brakes and drove alongside the couple. The driver of the car lowered the window to tell the driver of the Tahoe he had a baby in the car.

“Hey, chill out bro, I got a kid,” the man can be heard yelling at the driver of the Tahoe.

The driver of the Tahoe sped up, then drove from the rightmost lane, across a stripes for an exit and hit a motorcyclist before pulling off onto the shoulder.

Splendora police told KPRC-TV the motorcyclist was taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries that were not believed to be life-threatening.

Splendora Police
Armando Montes, 30.

The driver of the Tahoe, Armando Montes, 30, was arrested at the scene. Police say he faces two charges -- second-degree felony assault with a deadly weapon and second-degree felony endangering a child.

Police said Montes had his wife and a 7-year-old child in the Tahoe with him.

The Splendora Police Chief says Montes was out on bond for a previous DWI and child endangerment charges, unrelated to the wreck Tuesday night.

It is unknown if Montes has an attorney.

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