Fort Worth

‘Violent' Fort Worth Pimp Who Trafficked Young Girls Sentenced to Life

A Fort Worth pimp who was convicted of trafficking underage girls was sentenced this week to life in federal prison after two associates also received hefty punishments.

Demarcus Davis, 26, known as “Zigg,” and two associates were convicted in April.

Prosecutors described Davis as a violent pimp who recruited, controlled and profited off underage girls through sex acts.

His co-defendants, Herman Sanders, 29, known as “Pooh,” and Pierre Lagrone, 34, known as Pedro, were previously sentenced. Sanders got 35 years in prison. Lagrone received life.

Prosecutors said the men advertised online using photos of the young girls, paid for motel rooms, and kept almost all the money.

The case was prosecuted in federal court and investigated by the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Fort Worth, Arlington and Tyler police departments.

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