Viewer Videos: Tornadoes in North Texas on Dec. 26, 2015

Videos were sent to or uploaded through the NBCDFW app

NBC 5 viewers shared videos of tornadoes as they roared through North Texas on Saturday, December 26, 2015.

WARNING: The videos are unedited and uncensored.

May 26th 2015 Garland Tornado
[[363568361, C]]

Garland Tornado Damage
[[363568811, C]]

Funnel Cloud
[[363565611, C]]

Tornado in Rowlett
[[363567831, C]]

Tonight's Rowlett Tornado
[[363566081, C]]

Tornado Storm Moving to Dallas Today at 6:16pm
[[363567231, C]]

Telico Tornado
[[363567441, C]]

Rotation NE of Greenville
[[363560951, C]]

Tornado Hits Rockwall and Rowlett
[[363570021, C]]

Tornado From Rockwall
[[363571231, C]]

Garland Tornado
[[363569301, C]]

Rowlett Tornado
[[363569461, C]]

Lake Ray Hubbard Tornado
[[363570031, C]]

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