Viewer Says Warranty Company Wouldn't Cover Car Repairs, Calls NBC 5

For Krista Bell, watching her youngest daughter get ready for college hasn't been easy.

She was itching to go away for college in Arizona, and eventually, she got her mother's blessing.

Bell said she found the perfect ride to help her daughter get around campus, a 2008 five series BMW.

"It had been taken care of very well," she said.

Before leaving for school, her daughter wanted to visit some of her friends in Lubbock to say goodbye.

But as she got closer to Lubbock, she said the car started jerking, shaking and making loud noises, so she called her mom.

They had the car towed to a mechanic in Lubbock and were told the problem was a blown transmission.

The repairs would cost them nearly $8000.

Bell filed a claim with her warranty company, and eventually received a letter that stated the following:

"Unfortunately, your request for reimbursement for these repairs is denied."

According to the warranty company, the blown transmission was a pre-existing issue, but Bell said the mechanics assured her that wasn't possible.

There was no way this car would have made it from Rockwall to Lubbock, so the damage had to have happened on the road.

"They sent the inspector out for the second time, and spoke to the mechanics again, and still denied the claim," said Bell.

We reached out to the warranty company, Royal Administration.

We sent them the mechanics report and asked them to take a closer look at her claim.

The company told us they don't disclose customer information to any third parties, but will work with Bell directly.

"The next morning at 9 a.m. I got a call from the warranty company stating that they were approving the claim," said Bell.

The company agreed to cover the repairs, which came out to $7,780.

"You're here to help people, and you get it done," Bell said.

A happy mother and college student, and another problem solved.

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