Viewer Helps Single Mom Who Lost Money Via Phony Travel Agent

A single mom lost money via a travel agent she met on Snapchat.

Doniqua Arnold and her 15-year old son Savion share laughs and smiles all the time, even more so since they’re preparing for a little distance.

"I got two more years of high school," said Savion.

College is on the horizon and Savion is competing for a basketball scholarships. Try outs before the scouts are starting this summer and single mom Doniqua has been trying to save for the plane tickets.

She contacted us after wiring money to someone she met on Snapchat who promised her an amazing deal on airfare.

But that person walked away with all of her cash and gave Savion a little ammo to tease his mom.

"I just laughed to be honest. She always told me don’t trust nobody you don’t know and she fell for it," said Savion.

A recent study from the American Hotels and Lodging Association found that 55 million bookings a year are made on with phony travel agents or agencies it's one of the hottest growing cases of fraud out there and it hits everyone.

"I am a single mom and I am trying to provide for him and I want the best education for him," said Doniqua.

When she shared Doniqua’s story an NBC 5 viewer responded offering to buy airline tickers for both Doniqua and her son.

"I was excited. I almost cried," said Doniqua. "I reached out to him and thanked him multiple times. And told him he was God sent. He was like 'No, you just come on a good day, you know I don’t want the recognition.'"

Snapchat also reached out and report they shut down the person’s Snapchat account in hopes of protecting others.

Now Doniqua has been made whole, her tickets are real this time and her son is taking steps to finance college by being able to show his stuff on the court with his very best cheerleader right by his side.

Fort Worth-based American Airlines advises you always buy tickets directly from the source to protect yourself against fraud.

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