North Texas

Tensions Escalate During Eaton High School Walkout

What was supposed to be a peaceful walkout at a North Texas high school turned heated Wednesday afternoon.

The Northwest Independent School District said a student-led event at Eaton High School to talk about guns in schools had been planned in advance.

District officials said about 100 students were participating when differences of opinion were expressed.

Video posted to social media shows tense moments as a Confederate flag is ripped from the hands of one student leading to a confrontation between two groups.

Tomika Moore said her daughter, a senior at Eaton, started texting her saying she was worried for her safety after some students started using deragatory language and threatening others.

While Moore said she's glad the school eventualy got the situation under control, she wishes they would’ve been more proactive by having uniformed officers on hand.

“I just think with all of the shootings and stuff going on in schools, you just want to take extra precaution,” said Moore.

The district released a statement which said in part, “Administration at the campus is addressing any concerns students have as well as any disciplinary issues ... we encourage student groups at district schools to collaborate with their campus teachers and administration when planning events. We support students making their voices heard, and while we encourage differences of opinions, it is our expectation that it is done so respectfully.”

A district spokesperson said that a school resource officer along with several faculty members were on hand during the walkout. 

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