Video Shows Street Stunts Blocking Intersection in Dallas

A video from an NBC correspondent shows street stunts blocking an intersection near Victory Plaza

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The Dallas Police Department's battle with street racers and drivers doing stunts that shut down intersections continues.

NBC correspondent Morgan Chesky shot video late Friday night of drivers doing donuts in the middle of the intersection of Houston Street and Nowitzki Way in front of Victory Plaza outside the American Airlines Center.

One set driver set off fireworks at the end of the stunt.

In a second video, people could be seen hanging out of the windows of the car, while people standing in the street shot video.

Tire marks in the intersection suggest it went on for quite a while before a Dallas police cruiser arrived at the intersection. Drivers took off in several directions, and those shooting video in the street scattered.

"Victory Park has been a hot spot lately for this activity," said Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Adam Medrano. "I have police monitoring that intersection and they will continue to do so until they put an end to these dangerous stunts."

In May, police launched a 'see something, say something' campaign to slow reckless drivers. The department encourages residents to call the police if they see people street racing or people engaged in reckless activity.

NBC 5 has a call out to the police department about Friday night's incident but has received no comment.

Penalties for street racing can include fines up to $2,000, up to 180 days in jail and having one's car towed.

The video shows drivers doing donuts and burning rubber in the middle of an intersection.

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