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Video Shows Overturned Van Narrowly Missing Grand Prairie Police Officer, Stranded Driver

Police say driver inattention is a leading cause of traffic accidents

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It was a close call for Grand Prairie police officers helping a stranded driver on busy Interstate 30 on Saturday.

The police department posted a YouTube video from the dashcam showing a Grand Prairie police officer moving out of the way of an overturned vehicle sliding down the highway.

Grand Prairie police say officers pulled over to block traffic for a driver with a flat tire. When the driver's friend arrived with a spare tire, a second officer arrived to help block traffic for the two cars.

Moments later, the driver of a van crashed into the police SUV and overturned causing a chain reaction.

The van sparked and slid down the highway on its side narrowly missing the officer and the people changing the flat tire.

Seconds late,r the police SUV that was hit can be seen slamming into the friend's vehicle as the force of the crash pushed it down the shoulder of the highway.

The video goes on to show the perspective from the body camera of the police officer who dodged the overturned van as he avoids getting hit and then runs down the highway to help the driver of the van escape his vehicle.

Police say the van's driver had fallen asleep at the wheel after a long shift.

The video also shows the damage done to the Grand Prarie police SUV.

Grand Prairie Police Department
A photo shows the damage done to a Grand Prairie Police Department SUV after an inattenttive driver slammed into the cruiser causing a chain reaction crash caught on camera.

Luckily no one as injured.

Police say driver inattention is a leading cause of traffic crashes and urge everyone to move over, slow down, stay alive, and stay safe.

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