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Video Shows Garbage Truck Crashing Into Collin County Woman's Parked Van

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A woman who lives in the Collin County city of Melissa is waiting to be compensated after a garbage truck plowed into her parked minivan. It was all captured on video.

Doorbell footage at Kaylie Lafoy’s house captured the moments a driver with Community Waste Disposal plowed into her van in front of her home. That day, she’d decided at the last minute not to take the van with her young child in tow.

“We decided because it was raining didn’t want to change vehicles, so I decided to take my work vehicle,” Lafoy said. “Thirty seconds after I left the house, is when the camera picks up, is when the trash truck is seen hitting our vehicle with his claw fully extended.”

She told NBC 5 the driver stopped immediately, but the fight for a resolution has been slow.

“It is our only family vehicle,” she said. “Our car seats have been involved in an accident, so obviously they are not safe to be used in any other vehicle.”

Lafoy said CWD’s insurance company contacted her on Wednesday -- 13 days after the incident. She’s been without a van, and her neighbor has damaged landscaping.

NBC 5 did obtain a statement from CWD confirming they’d been in touch with Lafoy and an insurance claim has been filed.

As for the incidents themselves, their statement reads in part:

“CWD approaches safety with the highest priority and we are certainly thankful that no one was hurt in this incident. Appropriate actions were taken with the employee involved and all auto/property damages are being handled through appropriate channels.”

The website for the city of Melissa confirms the city does contract with CWD. Lafoy said they want answers from city leaders as well.

“All that we have asked is that they subsidize our bills so that we don’t have to pay for our trash services until something is settled,” she said.

In the meantime, they’re left with the damage left behind.

NBC 5 did reach out to the city of Melissa for a response. We are waiting to hear back.

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