New Video Shows Man Suspected of Dallas Shooting Running From Scene

Dallas Police released home surveillance video capturing what were likely the final moments of 22-year-old Diana Garcia's life plus a sketch of the suspect involved in the homicide.

Garcia was found shot to death inside of a car Saturday morning in Dallas.

According to Dallas police, the man seen in the video running from the car after it stops at the intersection of Ohio and Maryland avenues is suspected of killing Garcia July 13.

"She was in the car, they shot her in the head and shot her in the neck," neighbor Kenneth Crowder said.

The video released by police was gathered from private cameras installed on multiple homes in the neighborhood.

According to the Dallas County Medical Examiner, Garcia suffered blunt force trauma and a fatal gunshot wound. Police said they did not know why she was targeted.

"It could have been me, you know what I'm saying? It crosses my mind on a daily basis," Crowder said.

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