Video Rendering Shows Off Completed LBJ Express Project

LBJ Express to be completed in early 2016

LBJ Express Project

A new video of a full-project fly-over of what the completed LBJ Express project will look like from above was released Wednesday, and it's as equally impressive as it is daunting.

The flyover gives a full aerial view along the 17-mile stretch heading north along Interstate 35E and east over the northern stretch of Interstate 635/LBJ Freeway.

Over most of the roadway, transitions between frontage roads, managed toll lanes, free lanes, and sub-surface lanes seems intuitive enough, but quickly appears harrowing closer in to the High Five.


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In any case, it seems even those very familiar with the area will need to pay attention to signage; navigating the sprawling expressway, which, at its widest appears to have nearly 30 lanes of east-west traffic, could be challenging.

Officials with the LBJ Express released the following statement Wednesday:

"You will notice the TEXpress (priced-lanes) to the outside along I-35 and on the inside along I-635.  In many areas, these will be subterranean along I-635.  All said and done, there will be 2-3 frontage road lanes in each direction, 4 non-tolled lanes in each direction and 3 priced lanes (TEXpress Lanes) in each directions along I-635."

See the video below.

Construction on the $2.7 billion project began in the spring of 2011 and is expected to be completed in early 2016.

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