Fort Worth

Video Captures Suspect Speeding in Stolen Fort Worth Ambulance

Man is accused of holding the driver of the ambulance at knife point

Video cameras aboard a stolen MedStar ambulance capture a suspect speeding for blocks through Fort Worth, Texas, early Wednesday morning.

According to police, Kenneth Darrell Golightly, 29, was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery.

He’s accused of holding the driver of the ambulance at knife point and demanding the ambulance saying, "I’m taking this ambulance," according to MedStar officials.

The ambulance had just left John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth and pulled over while members of the crew worked to complete some paperwork. Golightly opened the driver's door, demanded the ambulance and pulled out a knife when he was ignored, according to MedStar.

Officials said Golightly then drove away in the emergency response vehicle. A video camera inside the ambulance captured him running a red light and eventually reaching speeds of more than 70 miles per hour before crashing through a fence. The video shows Golightly prepare to exit the ambulance.

Fort Worth police said a witness followed Golightly until police could arrive and place him under arrest.

The ambulance did sustain damage, and will undergo repairs before it can be placed back in service.

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