Todd Davis

Video Captures Large Brawl at Dallas Taquería

A Facebook user captured a nearly six-minute video of what resembled a professional wrestling-style brawl at a Dallas taquería.

Isael Rojas captured video of the fight at Taquería El Paisano restaurant in the 2900 block of Lombardy Lane in North Dallas June 25.

The incident appears to start with women from two groups of people arguing while being held back by several men. The women then began wrestling and pulling each other's hair while the men tried to separate them.

While restraining the women, some of the men began punching each other. The altercation then turned into a full-scale brawl with chairs flying and people sliding across the floor.

The fight lasted a few minutes before the groups separated. Authorities arrived about five minutes after the video began.

Warning: Contains foul language.

Authorities said no arrests were made in the incident.

Rojas told Telemundo he jokingly said the fight started over chips and salsa, but doesn't actually know what started the fight.

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