Apparent Flare Gun Fired at Homes in Frisco

Neighbors heard and saw the apparent flares being fired on Saturday night

Saturday night marked a close call for a Frisco family after someone fired a flare gun into their open garage.

Grant Houck was in his garage, preparing to close it for the night, when he heard what sounded like two shots.

"I heard this loud bang coming from behind me followed immediately by another sound," Houck said. "When I turn around, I see a white pickup truck with a club cab and a bunch of guys who have apparently fired something into the garage."

The two shots he heard included a shot fired from the truck, then the projectile bouncing off the sheet rock in his garage.

A metal shell rolled to Houck's feet and he called police, who told him it appeared someone fired a flare gun at the home.

"Once I found what actually came at me, I felt very threatened. It's either dumb luck or them purposefully aiming at the wall to explain how I didn't end up getting injured," Houck said.

Houck's mother posted about the incident on Facebook, and another neighbor shared surveillance video from his house about a half mile away. The video was also taken shortly after 10 p.m. Saturday.

It showed what appeared to be a flare fired at another home in the neighborhood. The video appeared to show the flare hitting Sean Barnes' home. He found burn residue in front of his home on Sunday.

"It looks like something burned right here on my porch," Barnes said. "Literally didn't see it or slept right through it, but seeing the video is pretty disturbing."

"I think about that landing on my roof and burning my house down," he added.

Houck's mother, Sheryl Freeman, said she hoped parents who perhaps own a boat and have a flare gun in their home would check to make sure they're secure.

"They can burn down a house with people in it and it's not worth taking that chance just to have a fun Saturday night," Freeman said.

Frisco Police are investigating the incidents, reported in the neighborhood east of Preston Road and north of Panther Creek Parkway.

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