Victim Recounts Being Shot in Car on Interstate 35E Sunday

Someone fired gunshots at two men driving in a car on Interstate 35 in Dallas early Sunday morning, one of the vehicle's occupants says.

It was a violent turn of events the two Dallas men said they never saw coming.

"I felt something fly in the car, between my feet and it was a hot bullet," Jeffery Hunter said.

Seconds later, Hunter was shot near the neck -- the bullet passed millimeters from his spine.

According to Dallas police, Hunter and his friend Corey Popplewell, who was driving, were harassed by a vehicle for unknown reasons with one of the occupants then opening fire.

Popplewell said he and Hunter had left the Havana Lounge in Dallas and were on I-35E when they came under fire.

"I grabbed my neck because it was hurting and there was blood all over it and then I was like, 'Corey I think I have been hit,'" Hunter said.

A well-known drag queen and dancer, Hunter said who he is has often drawn negative attention.

"I feel like someone has a lot of hate out towards me, it could just be because I'm a gay black male or drag queen, I just don't know why someone would want to shoot me though," Hunter said.

The motivation for the shooting remained unknown Tuesday, according to Dallas police. It's being investigated as an aggravated assault - road rage.

Friends of Hunter are planning a benefit to raise money for medical expenses Tuesday night at 11:00 p.m. at JR's Bar and Grill. If you'd like to help, click here.

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