Victim Pleads for Help After a Dog Attack in Uptown Dallas

Neighbors rush to help a man and his pet who were attacked by loose dogs

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A man is asking for the public's help after he and his dog were attacked by a pack of dogs while walking in Uptown Dallas.

Home security footage captured the attack on Saturday at Cabell Drive and Ashby Street.

The video shows the victim, Tom Grounds, crossing the street with his small dog, Gadget, and then four larger dogs rushing toward them from behind.

Part of the attack is obscured by a fence, but Grounds can be heard yelling "No" and calling for help as the loose dogs apparently attack his dog.

Hearing his pleas for help, several neighbors rush over and help free Tom and his dog from the pack. As Grounds tried to walk away, the pack continued to circle around him.

A neighbor said Grounds appeared to be OK but that Gadget was severely hurt and needed surgery.

In a statement, Grounds told NBC 5 he's focused on his pet who has a long recovery ahead.

"To the people that own these dogs and allow them to be loose - if you are going to have a dog, especially one that is violent, it is your responsibility to keep your dogs under control at all times. This should never have happened," said Grounds.

The Dallas County Sheriff's Department said a deputy responded to the call but they have not released any other details including whether the dogs had an owner.

NBC 5 is working to learn whether any charges will be filed or if the dogs have been found.

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