Victim Describes Assault While Walking Dog in North Dallas

A North Dallas woman is sharing her terrifying experience after she says she was attacked while walking her dog Friday night.

Dallas police say the incident happened at the Ladera Apartments near Midway and Trinity Mills.

It was one of two reports of suspicious activity in the same area, and in both cases the victims say they got a good description of the man involved.

One of the victims asked NBC 5 not to identify her out of fear the man who she says sexually assaulted her might come back.

"He didn't come off as a scary person. He just came off as a pervert, just creepy," the woman said.

The victim described in detail how a leisurely evening walk with her dog last Friday quickly changed when she spotted a stranger lurking in the Ladera Apartments complex where she lives.

"I decided not to go by my apartment and cut through here, and before I knew it I saw his shadow and felt someone behind me, and that's when I told myself, 'OK something is going to happen. You're going to have to turn around, and you're going to have to look at this guy,' because I already knew he's going to do something to me," she said.

Despite being terrified of what was about to happen, the victim told NBC 5 that she turned around and was able to give Dallas police a solid description of the guy. She said the two made eye contact, and that's when she says the suspect violated her.

"He decided to not necessarily pin me against the wall, but he worked himself towards me where I had nowhere to go, and that's when he grabbed my behind and he grabbed my private area," she said of the attack.

The victim said the suspect jogged off and laughed at her after the assault. It turns out, she's not alone. Police say another woman called 911 the same night after a man matching the same description forced his way into her nearby apartment before being confronted by her boyfriend.

With two terrifying events and one man still on the loose, the victim fears what could happen next.

"I would be devastated if I found out this man came back and did something to a child. He's really sick in the mind," she said.

The Ladera Apartments told NBC 5 that a community watch meeting will be held next week for its residents.

Dallas police are asking for help in identifying the man they believe is involved. He was described as a black man, between 25 to 35 years old, approximately five feet, nine inches tall and 200 to 250 pounds, last seen wearing a light-blue collared shirt with short sleeves, similar to a mechanic shirt. He was also wearing a skullcap or "do rag" with possibly a camouflage design.

Anyone with information that could help police is asked to call the Dallas Police Assaults Unit at 214-671-3593.

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