Vice President Joe Biden Makes Two Stops in North Texas

Vice President Joe Biden made two stops in Dallas Wednesday. The first was at a fundraiser in Highland Park.

Biden told the group that much is at stake in this election and what happened in Charlottesville motivated him to run.

Biden then headed to an event in Dallas. He was introduced by Mayor Mike Rawlings, who told the Dallas Morning News that he was supporting Biden for President. The Former Vice President spoke to a group of students who are part of the Mayor's Intern Fellows Program. Biden spoke to them about their future, as well as his past.

"I didn't start off thinking I am going to run for public office," said Biden, adding, "what in fact animates your passion, what do you really care about."

While he veered away from politics at this event, he did talk about the country as a whole.

"Look guys. We are an incredible country, and the reason we are is we are the most unique country in the world because we are a country of immigrants. We are a country of diversity," said Vice President Joe Biden.

Reporters tried to talk to Biden about Robert Mueller's news conference in Washington, but Biden did not stop to take any questions.

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