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Veteran Meets Nurse Who Saved His Life After Collapse

An Air Force veteran met the nurse who saved his life after he collapsed in the parking lot of a Southlake Costco three months ago.

Bob Carpentier collapsed after shopping on July 29.

Nurse Tonya Holley saw it happened and ran over to do chest compressions. She kept his heart beating until EMTs arrived and loaded him into an ambulance.

Beverly Barfield witnessed the whole thing and prayed for Bob.

On Veterans Day, Carpentier and his family were finally able to meet the women they call 'guardian angels.'

"It's just great to meet the two guardian angels," said Bob Carpentier. "One who prayed for me and one who did, well, a little bit more."

An angiogram revealed Bob had a 90-percent blockage in one ventricle. He had bypass surgery and he's now rehabbing and getting stronger every day.

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