Verdict Is in on Dallas Courthouse Parking Shortage

County advises people to leave early because of parking woes


A parking shortage at the Frank Crowley Courthouse in Dallas is causing jurors, lawyers and even judges to be late for court.

The courthouse is short 450 parking spaces because of structural damage to the parking garage across the street, one of its largest garages.

According to the county, one of the concrete columns is showing too much wear. The county has called in an architectural firm to take a look.

In the meantime, court employees say the daily struggle to find a parking space is frustrating.

"It's inconvenient if you're late to court," said criminal defense attorney Wes Reed. "You have to circle around for 20, 30 minutes to get a parking spot."

"I'm having to get up earlier so that I can get here earlier so that I am not late for my shift," said Vickie Dentler, who works in the District Clerk's Office.

For now, the county is advising people to leave early.

Traffic backups tend to be at their worst on Mondays and Tuesdays, the days juries are selected. The congestion tends to ease by 10 am.

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