Snakes Concern McKinney Park Goers

Park goers who frequent Towne Lake Disc Golf Course in McKinney are concerned about snakes.

Jason Kent, a regular at the course, has spotted cottonmouths and copperheads as well as non-venemous rat and water snakes.

"They blend right in. It's very hard to see them," Kent said. "We've had quite a few spottings already. It's not exactly hot yet either."

Snakes have bitten a disc golf player and a dog, Kent said.

"The guy was bitten by a copperhead. He was sick for a little while, but it didn't let him destroy the love for the game. He still comes out," Kent said.

Caton Arnold used to bring his dog to the course. He stopped after a non-venomous snake bit his dog on two separate occasions.

"Both times were within the fairway and the immediate area just not deep in the woods," Arnold said. "It's sad to see the course being maintained like this in a city that is unique by nature."

Arnold and Kent want the City of McKinney to send more crews to remove debris and trim the course's fairway on a regular basis.

They claim several areas of the course are ignored.

"There's not a golf course in the world where you play six holes that are beautiful and then six holes you're scared to walk through," said Arnold.

NBC 5 reached out to the City of McKinney on Friday afternoon. A spokeswoman said she is reaching to parks department for more information.

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