Vehicle Damage from Hailstorm Estimated in the Millions

Insurers are sorting through thousands of claims after hail pounded parts of Tarrant County Thursday morning.

It's estimated that 50,000 vehicles were damaged, and the storms could result in $300 million dollars in vehicle repairs, according to Mark Hanna with the Insurance Council of Texas.

Sunday, State Farm Insurance opened two of five mobile vehicle assess sites to help handle thousands of claims. 

"We started interacting with customers Thursday right after the storm," said Chris Pilcic, a spokesman for State Farm, "our local folks who are already here were seeing claims, talking ot them, filing the claims, but because of the volume we bring people in from really every state."

As of Friday State Farm received about 3,850 auto claims along with 1,480 home claims and those numbers are expected to rise, according to Pilcic.

Three additional mobile vehicle inspections sites are expected to open by the end of the week.

"We'll keep all the facilities open until all the claims are seen," Pilcic said adding that some sites may close when the area surrounding them has fully been served.

"We'll have a presence here for a very long time," Pilcic said.

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