Vandals Target at Least 4 Oak Cliff Churches

A person or persons vandalized at least four churches in Oak Cliff Saturday night into Sunday morning.

The vandalized sanctuaries were in close proximity to each other.

Pastor Clarence Preston at Beth Eden Baptist Church arrived for Sunday services and did not immediately notice the church was targeted.

It wasn't until a church member alerted him to the damage outside.

"I witnessed, 'Liar, liar, liar,'" he said. "I'm like, 'Somebody would have the audacity to do that?' To not only this church, but to any church. That's some audacity."

The church along East Red Bird Lane was targeted by vandals who managed to climb up the steeple and brand the place of worship sometime late Saturday or early Sunday morning.

The vandalism has been wiped clean.

"It may be Christological in nature or theological showing their disbelief, their disdain or even the fact that they may have been hurt by the church," Preston said. "But they were trying to send their message."

It's a message the same person or persons appeared to have for others too.

Nearby, St. Luke Presbyterian Church on Singing Hills Drive still bears the red paint and words: "Liars," "All lies" and "Jesus Not Coming."

St. Phillip Missionary Baptist Church across the street painted over similar anti-church messages left behind late Saturday night.

St. Paul Lutheran Church on South Marsalis Avenue filed a police report that said someone spray painted their building too.

"We always have to be vigilant," Preston said.

Vigilant, but never deterred, he added.

"Just like the blood of Jesus covers our sins. What has been done has been covered. Praise God."

Dallas police said there was no update in the investigation.

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