Vandals Strike Arlington Middle School

Classes to resume at Bailey Junior High School

Police say vandals hit Joe Bailey Junior High Monday night, breaking into the front of the school and smashing windows at the school on the 2400-block of Winewood Lane.

Even with the damage school will be in session on Tuesday, officials said.

The vandals broke into some portable buildings in the back of school, setting off alarms around 3 a.m. School security was able to hear the vandals through the security system, which may help in their investigation.

The front doors of the school were smashed and a security camera was ripped from the walls and wrapped around the entrance door handles. The locks on the front doors had glue squeezed inside.

Windows on the side of the school were also smashed and a fire alarm had been pulled.

Police walked around the perimeter of the school to look for evidence.

Maintenance crews are cleaning up the school and should have most of the damage cleaned before classes begin Tuesday. Windows will have to be boarded up until they can be replaced.

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