Vandals Pour Some Sugar On Dozens of Cars

Dozens of Dallas drivers were stranded Wednesday morning after vandals poured sugar on as many as 60 cars.

Police say the sweet stuff damaged gas tanks and paint jobs on vehicles along Jupiter Road.

"They put like a half pound of sugar in here," apartment resident Luis Machado said, pointing to his gas tank.

He is among the many irate victims at the Villas at La Risa apartment complex.

"We have had two detectives here collecting fingerprints all day," property manager Jeina Parker said.

Dallas police said it's uncommon for vandals to damage so many cars at one time.

Driver Carol McNatt described the spree as "sick, very, very sick." A new paint job for her van is going to cost her $1,000.

And the damage may be even more costly for drivers who discovered a rim of sugar around their gas tanks.

"It's bad news for the engine," auto mechanic Derrell Robinson said.

Sugar has the potential to clog the engine.

"They were out to cause damage one way or the other," Sgt. Warren Mitchell said.

Witnesses told police they spotted about six juveniles running from the complex at the time of the vandalism.

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